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Another Mythic Scribes Success Story...


Myth Weaver
BW Foster was a prominent poster on Mythic Scribes a several years ago. He came here with a vision of a multi-book series and honed his skills with short stories, including one or two in 'Iron Pen,' the predecessor to 'Top Scribe.' Then he started in earnest o his 'Mages' series. Along the way, Brian provided updates on his progress towards publication, a long and checkered process. He provided me with an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of the first book in his series (my rather brutally honest take was it needed more work, a stance he agreed with.)

Yesterday, after no news for years, I came across this:

Amazon.com: Gryphon (Rise of the Mages Book 2) eBook: Brian W. Foster: Kindle Store

The reviews trend much more positive than for his first book.

Other aspiring writers here can take heart from his progression from struggling neophyte to published author.


I bought and read the first book when it came out. Glad to see he has stuck with it and put out a second.