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Anyone down for Summer Reading??

so I really want to read lots of books over the summer but have so little executive function that it's very hard. so anyone down for making a list of books to read and then discuss? an informal book club sort of thing? If i have literally just one person that's great. Just someone please join me in this. I want so badly to read more and maybe talking about the books with other people will help.

I'm thinking of starting with the first dragonriders of pern (dragonflight). But it doesn't have to be fantasy. I also want to read the Scarlet Letter. we can read whatever number and in whatever order and you can suggest stuff.

please join me?? I'd love to discuss books especially fantasy.
if you want something to start from you can tell me some books you've been wanting to read and i can share all the books I own and haven't read or am open to rereading


Troglodytic Trouvère
Article Team
Down for reading, but I have an extensive booklist to focus on already.