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Anyone else have trouble keeping the names straight when reading a story?

Do you have a series bible, yet? I'm exactly the same way. If I spend too much time away, my brain turns into a sieve and suddenly I have no idea what these people look like, or their names. Music can help stimulate my memory, but really it's terrible, so we use OneNote to organize the whole thing. It can be shared with the rest of my team, it saves instantly, and that way we can make notes and changes in real time.
I do. I've actually stolen your idea and use OneNote in a similar fashion after you mentioned it here a few times. It works great and it's very intuitive.

The big problem is learning what to write down, and then remembering to actually do so. Like the smell I mentioned earlier. When I started the current bible I would never have thought that writing down what one character smelled like to another would be something I wanted to remember. Even more so because said character was initially just a random side-character who appeared in two chapters. But he somehow found a way to make himself important and become the love interest of a main character, which suddenly made him a lot more important...

It's things like that. Just remembering to write down the name of a random side character who just pops in for a few lines but needs a name. Or a quick and innocent description of a place, which suddenly becomes a lot more important at the end of the story. Or any of another dozen things which you quickly write down because you need something, but which then come back to haunt you....