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Are my ideas actually any good?

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by ClearDragon, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. ClearDragon

    ClearDragon Minstrel

    For most of my life I've been a writer, but not published.
    I've slowly created my own fictional universe over the years.
    My ideas are: First the main character is a god-like being instead of focussing on regular people who get into contact with it. Second my stories draw heavily from western myth and religion, I simply don't like eastern myths and religions and found I can't write about things I don't like! No point in forced diversity. Third the moral of my plot is that there are things humans simply never will overcome, and maybe it's ok to chose not even to try!
    Fourth, my story is a reversed image of the classical story of the good and pure humans defeat the evil monster.
    Finally if I ever get to be a published author, my books will each have a specific theme! The first book is chaos themed, the second is fear themed.
    So would anyone be interested in such things? I'm thinking of posting my manuscript (or at least part of it) on here.
  2. pmmg

    pmmg Auror

    Sure, I would be interested. Just read Dante's Divine Comedy. One of the coolest things I've read in years. I generally don't go for villains MC's but I would be interested in your version of Chaos and Fear.
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  3. ClearDragon

    ClearDragon Minstrel

    Hi, and thanks.
    I'm planning on posting it in the story showcase. Since it's split into chapters that's how I'll post it.
    I forgot to mention that my first book takes place mostly on earth, but I'l love to write a whole series that moves away from earth.
  4. I mean...this is an unsatisfying answer for sure, but 1,000 different writers would write 1,000 different books based on the ideas you just shared. Any of those could be books I would like, or books I would hate, or books any number of people could love or hate or feel indifferent to.

    In general, most people need a human connection (relatable characters, etc) to connect to a story. The reason is that readers are human. So there's a certain amount of risk involved with having a godlike protagonist (depending on how you do it). It sounds to me like you're interested in exploring ideas with this story, and some ways of doing that would put some people off. It might feel too impersonal for some. But no one's story is *everyone's* thing.

    Overall, it's pretty hard to judge an idea by itself.
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  5. Devor

    Devor Fiery Keeper of the Hat Moderator

    The answer is yes, absolutely. Plenty of people will respond well to powerful characters. Despite what people say, a western setting is far from played out. Depressing themes about giving up and learning your lot have their audience. And I think trying to reverse the man-against-monster gives you a wealth of familiar tropes to play with for an extra sense of dramatic irony.

    Have at it!

    But you asked another question, not in your post but in the title of the thread. "Are my ideas actually any good?" The truthful answer is that I would expect a good idea to have more than what you've presented here. Even putting aside the vagueness of it, you've hinted at a character, a setting, and a theme. You can't really comment on an idea without mentioning the plot, the character dynamics, and the direction of the character's arc.
  6. ClearDragon

    ClearDragon Minstrel

    Your right I should have provided some details about the character and plot.
    My character has godlike powers, but is not all powerful or all knowing. He does have limitations and a weakness, he also overlooks things and makes mistakes. The plot of my first and finished book (but not published) is that he follows another super powerful being to earth, and finds out that this being plans to enslave all humans. He saves the world from this being, but only because it was convenient for him to do so. There is also a sub-plot of humans trying to use an ancient artifact to become all powerful.
    Yeah, I really should post it somewhere.

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