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Are orcs over used?

Are orcs really overused in modern fantasy stories though?

I'm looking around at my bookshelves, and there are very few modern (as in published the last 15-20 years) fantasy stories on there with orcs in them. Most fantasy writers shy away from any races other than humans in them. You find them in Eragon, but the whole point of that story was basically to blend all fantasy tropes together. You'll find them in Warhammer fiction novels, though those come from lore developed in the 80's, so they don't really count as modern. R. Scott Baker uses something like an orc with a different name, and very different characteristics. Other than that, I'm sure there are a few, but that hardly counts as being overused.

They're very common in RPG video games, and in D&D like RPGs. They're stereotypical in those, but that their whole point, same as all the other races. So no, in my opinion orcs are not overused at all.