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Avatar - Could the Na'vi species breath Earth Air?


Myth Weaver
We would have to see the full story of avatar to know if that is true (what is talked about in the video).

I suspect this will eventually move to places that I would take issue with (human's bad, environment good is well played, and always only half the picture) , but Cameron has not done that so far in other movies of his.

I still am asking a lot of questions about this movie. I think Jake was mostly a dunderhead, who really would have known better. You cant stop that they will come, and you cant run from the conflict. Like it or not, you are in a war. That is not hard to figure out. Your kids will not be safe anywhere you take them. I don't like war (who does?), but there are reasons, and sometimes you have to be in them. Jake would know that. If he abandons the forest people, they are going to be wiped out anyway. And the rest of the planet is in the cross hairs. It does not matter his actions. His enemy has the means and the intent.


I notice bullet train also had the theme of 'a father protects'. I am guessing Hollywood types suddenly thought that was a cool idea.


Yeh, I suspect you're right - I don't really get the sense that was intended to be a critique of individualism (hence the stupidity of just running away and only protecting one's family), but, hey, every now and again we're bound to put in something more than we realise! And in the artistic desert of cinema we're living in today, damned if I don't do everything in my power to find some meaning!! 😅

True - to buttress your theory, if indeed Hollywood types seized on this kind of a trend, it would probably have to do with appealing to a more conservative theme that is still safe and appealing to the left - i.e., is just another way of capturing the broadest possible audience.