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Background this...


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The idea is that someone posts a character created on Hero Forge Custom Miniatures or similar sites and others come up with a short background for the character. Special thanks goes to Steerpike for inspiring the name of this thread. Saved me some time :p

First character:



Ahh, poor Freydo, sidekick to the guardian rat Misquea the brave. If only he had been wise enough not to accept a job as janitor at the dark tower, his sanity might still be in tact.
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Name: Bryan T. W.
Class: Hipster Wizard (The First. [O.C. Don't Copy!] )
Familiars: The Rat, The Cat That Chased The Rat.
Ride: 1440 Deluxe Luxury Pony named Bill the Pony. Or just Pony.
Likes: Sunshine, Daisy's and the old way wizarding was practiced. Back when it was hip. His cool shades. Awesome beards. Tea and coffee places.
Dislikes: Modern Wizardry. Necromancers (especially James the Red, from Wizarding School). People not as hip as him (like, everyone else, dude).
History: Grew up on a farm in the Verdant Valley, found out he had magic at the age of five after lighting the family's chicken coop on fire and ended up getting sent to Claxon's School For Wizardry. Then onto the College of Mastery in the city of Diamond Downs. He would drop out at the age of forty, after falling into a goodly sum of money during a poker tourney. Now he travels with his familiars, trying to revive the old school wizardry and being chased out of villages, towns and cities, though he would say that he left because they weren't cool enough for him.
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Ahh, perhaps one of you kind scribes could speak of what's become of my nephew? I have not seen the lad in years, but for this photo.