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chat game

  1. Svrtnsse

    Postcard from the Narrator

    Dear Audrey, The writer's having a break trying to think what's happening next, and the MC is sitting in a canoe in the middle of the jungle unable to decide what direction to go in. It's pretty quiet and I figured I could take a quick break. This swamp stinks. Hope to be home soon. Don't...
  2. Ban

    Come embarrass yourself (It will be fun)

    Join me in a little self-embarrassment by digging through your files, papers and half-forgotten forum posts to find the oldest piece of writing you've yet to delete. Mine was posted on this site in early 2016, and although reading it again gives me a minor case of the red cheeks, I must say that...
  3. Garren Jacobsen

    Opening Line Game

    Let's play a game to help get some creative juices flowing. Write an opening line. Not one that you have already written or one that you have read, but a whole new opening line. Have fun with it yall. Here are some of mine from games past: "Have you ever been shot to death? I have. It's not as...
  4. Devor

    Fortunately. Unfortunately.

    I thought it'd be fun to restart an old story game some of you might remember. With the OP I'll begin a story with a character name and a simple sentence. Each poster will continue the story with a new sentence, alternating between fortunately and unfortunately. Every couple of pages, when it...
  5. Ban

    Background this...

    The idea is that someone posts a character created on Hero Forge Custom Miniatures or similar sites and others come up with a short background for the character. Special thanks goes to Steerpike for inspiring the name of this thread. Saved me some time :p First character:
  6. Steerpike

    Caption this...

    Post a caption for this pic. If you're so inclined, post an image for others to caption.
  7. Scribble

    Book titles that didn't quite make it (Word Game)

    I'd like to introduce a new writerly game! You take a book title, and you suggest a version of the name that "didn't quite make it." Some examples of classic books: A Farewell to Limbs For Whom The Bell Rings The Once and Scheduled King From modern fantasy/scf-fi... The Roller of...