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Postcard from the Narrator


Article Team
Dear Audrey,

The writer's having a break trying to think what's happening next, and the MC is sitting in a canoe in the middle of the jungle unable to decide what direction to go in. It's pretty quiet and I figured I could take a quick break. This swamp stinks. Hope to be home soon. Don't forget to feed the kids.

Much love, Vince.

What would it look like if the narrator of your story took a break to write a postcard home?
Dear Kiro,

I have arrived well and sound in my new home, save for a close call with a hungry beast named Aedfrit that greeted me on my arrival. It is a great feline creature that prowls the wood outside Corliff which all the people hunt but are never able to catch or kill. Fortunately, a hunting party scared it off at that very moment when I thought I might be eaten.

You may have some knowledge of the lands of the Five Kingdoms, but there is much more to these lands than anyone living outside has ever guessed. The same forests, rivers, and hills mold the land in ways that would be familiar to you, but a darkness festers wherever the people gather.

After a month, I have been able to establish myself and have secured a meeting with the young prince of Corliff. He is of the same age as your prince—and has the same unconscious arrogance that every royal line produces in its generation—but I believe he has a good heart. The darkness in the land has led to my decision to hide my true nature, but I have hope he will prove a bright exception in my stay here—as were you. I am nothing if not consistent.

My traveling marks are very long this cycle, and I do not believe I will be leaving the Five Kingdoms soon. I am sorry for the abruptness of my departure from Sedzenye, but I believe that if you put your faith in your prince, despite your many reasons for the contrary, all will be well for you.

Yours in faith, Tangri.
[Edit: There are no postcards in this land, so it had to be a longer letter, heh.]​
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Myth Weaver
Do what now?

What the Hell is this? Why would I...hey, where am I? What am I...Why the hell am I follwing these people around? Why do I even care? I swear, I dont know why would even say that wierd S name anyway, am I pronouncing that right? These are not my gods, and I dont even know these people... Someone get me out of here...

Oh wait, what is that? The giant creature rose over the wet grey mound and roared, and the girl...what was her name again, oh yes... The girl stood defiant, the magical sword almost bursting in its energy, as if it was waiting--wanting--what would come next. It roared again and rose to its full height, a behemoth with thick mud covered arms and a massive torso. How could she even think to fight it, and yet...the sword drew back, her eyes narrowed...

Sorry, I dont have time. Just mail that.


Myth Weaver
I'm trying something along these line in my WIP.
I have someone who trained as a cub reported at college before changing career.
Years later they are thrown into being in charge but still can't break the habit of making notes as they go. These include the official facts and timeline but the notes also include their personal thoughts and asides [postcards - if you like] to people they have lost about what they really think and feel.
I'm toying with the idea of someone finding [hacking in to] the diary and making things difficult.
How much of this will make it into the story I don't know. It is mainly for me now. It is helping me keep a handle on how the MC is and what has happened.
How much of this will make it into the story I don't know. It is mainly for me now. It is helping me keep a handle on how the MC is and what has happened.

I've been contemplating a major rewrite of my last Nano project, with an entirely new POV MC, first-person rather than third. The recent Opening Line Game inspired me to put in writing, for the first time, what has been bubbling in my head, and this Postcard exercise has helped me also in getting a grip for this new MC and how he fits in the other lands and tales I've been brainstorming for that world.
Dearest Sianshala,

It is the year 3837 by the calendar of Urshwama, the 14th day of Venevvi, as I set down these words seeking you over time and distance when I long since gave up hope we would ever be reunited even through paltry scribbles on parchment.

I hope, beyond all I have ever hoped, that you are reading this now.

The world shakes. Dyutma Nishtili is in distress. Have you felt it too? Only the aharana of my last three cycles has enabled me to see what I fear I overlooked too long before.

If you have not forgotten our secret place and may still, from time to time, seek me out there, you will have found, along with this letter, manuscripts of histories of my last three cycles; I am nearly finished with the current manuscript, and a loyal servant has agreed to travel to that place to hide them where only the eyes of those you trust can find them.

I know that our last communication frustrated you. In these manuscripts, you will see I have not abandoned my wicked ways, as you called them. Two princes, and a queen, and much political intrigue. I hope that you see in these histories what I have seen—more than that, what you, also, have felt. It may be time for all our brethren to take in hand the strings that will shape the lands and peoples we love so much, that they may be ready to answer Dyutma Nishtili's cries.

Your unrepentant brother, Tangri

[My narrator might have a little too much time on his hands. But it doesn't sound like it, to me. :ninja:]
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toujours gai, archie
Dearest Brother,
Our expedition has reached the center of the earth. There really is a civilization at the core of the world. Professor Queller was right and all those so-called experts are wrong.

Having a perilous time. Glad you aren't here. Don't wait up.


Article Team
Dear Audrey

We're still stuck in the jungle. It's hot and wet and miserable, and I miss you very much. Our main character finally managed to get a little rest, but I fear the girl's being worked too hard, and I worry for her. It's not healthy the things she's being put through, but I digress.

We're holding off for one more scene out here before starting our journey back to civilzation. The waiting is wearing on everyone's nerves, and only this morning a fight broke out between two of the men from Environment and Effects.

I long to be back in civlization again. As soon as I find a payphone I'll give you a call. There's no cellphone coverage even in the town.

Much love, Vince.