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Behind the name random name generator.

All my names come from here! Or, close enough.

Very convenient when you need names from a specific country of origin.


Such a cool tool! Thank you for sharing this. Together with an Astrological charts for outlining character personality, a difficult part of writing just became easy!

I tried "Arabic" to see if it could give me a better name for the character I'm currently calling Aisha. First result: A'isha. I guess that's better?


I've been using this site the past few months to get country specific names. I never realised it had its own generator! Cheers for the link!


I've been using a different site when I was in dire need for a name. Fantasy Name Generator But now I might use both. The site mentioned at the beginning of this forum for country specific ones. And site in this post when it doesn't matter all that much. This site gives a bunch of names at once and you can choose from the lot.