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Best portable device for writing?



I hope this don't come along as a bad answer, but I kind of think that a pen and papper combo are thebest device for writing, at least for me.
I focus the best when writing in a notebook, but my hand gets cramped after a while. I tend to do my writing either in Scrivener or on the tablet my husband bought for me. The tablet has a large screen and a dettachable keyboard, it's also portable and I can write anywhere...like upstairs, outside, whatever. Because I get bored easily and will find the slightest excuse to push my writing off.

A. E. Lowan

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I use a little HP 11 inch 2-in-1 for my portable writing. It fits in my bag nicely and can be flipped around to tablet mode if I choose, though I normally use the keyboard to write. It was a little expensive but it's also a good little machine. And hey, any computer you can stuff in your purse is just awesome, right?
Small update: I fried my MacBook a while back and while scouting which one to buy next, I started playing with the iPad Pro. Seeing as I have an iMac for photoshop, and I loved the pencil, I went with th 12.9 iPad with 128GB and after many frustrating attempts at a keyboard that functioned well... I added the Logitech Create. Working in Scrivener most of the time, editing in Word, doodling maps with apps and the pencil... It's a helluva mobile setup if you're in the Apple ecosystem.


I always carry a notebooks and pen with me. I find there is something about writing my ideas, characters and thoughts out in my own handwriting. It makes me feel more connected to them. :)
I use a MacBook Air for all my writing, even at home. It's light and thin enough to carry around. It goes everywhere with me, and is one of the best purchases I ever made.

Before I had it--and should there ever be a time when I can't use it--I use my iPhone with an apple wireless keyboard. It is a very nice keyboard and weighs less than the phone itself. I've also never run out of batteries on it, even after hours and hours of use. And with Scrivener on the iOS, going between the two devices is absolutely painless.

(I am not apple person. I own and have owned pc's for years which I continue to use for any kind of heavy duty computing, like gaming. I just believe in the right tool for the right job, and that combination above is very right for me)


Myth Weaver
I don't think I would try this at all. I don't even like typing emails on those tiny touchscreens. Think I would just cart around a laptop if I was not at my proper writing spot.