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Best use of Twitter

Like Ankari, I've recently set up a Twitter account in order to spread the word of my writing. I've already got a few followers, including this website! My techniqure is to tweets on pages which I think will be accessed by the right people. I usually provide a link to the blog where I post my work. I assume (hopefully correctly) that people will become followers if they like what they see. Those who know Twitter well, can you say if I'm going about things the right way and if there's any other ways I can make use of Twitter.


The best use of Twitter?

~ don't tweet links with no explanations
~ have a complete profile (ie, make sure you have a website to link to that's not twitter or facebook)
~ make interactions with other twitters the priority and not the exception
~ don't just tweet links
~ don't just tweet one-liners
~ follow (reputable) writers
~ follow (reputable) publishers
~ follow (reputable) agents
~ also look for conventions, places, and events to follow

I know I'm probably leaving a bunch of stuff out, but that's a start. :)


Good points, Mari.

Following writers who behave unprofessionally in their own tweets could make you look bad by association - or at least like someone who lacks good judgement.

If you add your own opinion about a link (why you think your followers should check it out), that makes you interesting, not only the subject of the link. Make yourself interesting, and that helps make your writing interesting to potential readers.

I'd like to add, Don't use Twitter to spam everyone with incessant "buy my book! buy my book!" posts. No one likes that.
Make sure you tweet "BUY MY BOOK!" in all caps at least once an hour.

No, please don't really do that. ;) Best surefire way to get zero followers.
I think the most important thing is to remember that *interaction* is key. I've had chats on twitter with John Scalzi, Joe Konrath, Amanda Hocking, Zoe Winters, Neil Gaiman, and enough other "name" writers to have a few occasional fanboy moments here and there. ;) Interaction is key: with folks like those I listed above, but with OTHER people too, because those people like interacting, not just reading your announcements. Social media = talking with people, not announcing at them.
Although my book is not out yet (within the next month) I have found twitter has been the biggie in driviung people from all over the world to my blog. I have even had a couple of well known authors contsct me via twitter to say they want to buy a copy whenit is available!
Hi, I use twitter a lot, and I think one of my biggest pet peeve is that nasty habit some people have of airing their dirty laundry. It's not limited to authors. *whispers* I've unfollowed a few agents and editors who shall bash others on Twitter. They think it's helpful to tell you why they're rejecting authors left and right, but it really isn't. :(
Hmmm...I don't know, MariMidnight. I mean yes, I suppose, you could be right, but it still makes me uncomfortable to see it.