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Cost Effective E-Book Editors and Publishers


Felis amatus
Here's a dilemma:

Client comes in this morning with an e-Book he wants to have published. He is an existing client of the firm and he wants to have me edit the book, format it for e-Readers (including pictures he wants in the text of the book), make a very basic cover, and upload it to Smashwords for distribution on Amazon, B&N, etc.

I can do all that, the problem is, it is going to cost him a minimum of $1500 to have me do it through the law firm. I can't do it on the side because of my fiduciary duties to the firm.

I told him there are companies or individuals that will do this way cheaper, but I don't have any personal experience with any of them and the client decided he'd rather not go with an unknown.

I would like to forward him at least a couple of names of people who can do this more cost-effectively. I have to be able to say I know someone who has personally dealt with these companies.

If any of you have personal experience with such a company and would recommend them, can you please let me know? I'd like to pass the info along and save this guy a lot of money if he can be talked into going with them.


Hero Breaker
Well, as far as covers go, my guy produces great art.

Here's a sample he did for me a few weeks back:


I know Brian (BWfoster78) is using an editor he likes. I would reach out to him about that.


Felis amatus
Ankari - how expensive if your guy? I am looking for something for my own project.

For this client - it's not a fantasy book but a memoir, so I think the cover requirements will be quite different, and probably a bit more straightforward. I like the work your artist does, though.
Nathalia Suellen is an amazing cover artist who has very reasonable prices for art. She has mainly done dark fantasy covers that focus on female characters - but she can do most anything. NATHALIA SUELLEN - Independent Dark Artist, Professional Commercial Illustrator.

Kit Foster is super affordable, and he's won an award for his cover. Kit Foster Design - Home

Red Adept Publishing is pretty affordable editing: Pricing Menu » RedAdeptPublishing.com

Victory Editing has done some popular self-published edits but her availability is iffy: Victory Editing - Services and Rates She does have some recommendations though.