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Darling&Collins Fantasy Short Story Contest 200$ prize


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Darling&Collins Fantasy Short Story Contest
The aim of this contest is to provide an opportunity for you to shine your writing skills and show it to a larger audience. The best submission will receive a 200 dollars prize. Chosen submissions will be published on the site for the Darling & Collins Community.
Content guidelines:
There is no set theme. Any submission set in a fantastic environment, or containing fantastic elements, such as magic, monsters or mythical creatures is accepted.
Only unpublished works are accepted.
The work should be divided logically. Please check your grammar before sending your submission.
The number of submissions is not restricted, you may send as many submissions as you’d like.
Length: 4000-8000 words
Format: There are no restrictions on fonts and font-sizes. However, please do not use more than three types of fonts in your submissions. File format must be Microsoft Word Document (doc, docx), ODF Text Document (odt), txt or HTML.
The author whose work Darling and Collins select as the best will receive a 200 dollars prize, and publication on Darling & Collins.
Other high quality submissions will also be published.
You may submit your stories until February 28th, 2017. Submissions received after this date will not be accepted.
Start planning, start writing! We can’t wait to see what you create.
Fantasy Short Story Contest ? Darling and Collins Publishing

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One submission will win a prize of $200, and all submissions can be published, and not paid for. Also, this is very scary to me:

By submitting your work to any of our contests you permanently grant us all commercial and publishing rights.

So, not only winners, or selected manuscripts have the option to publish, but by submitting, you automatically grant permanent publishing rights to this site. Warning! This is not normal! Any legitimate contest will offer an "option" to publish without payment for non-winners, meaning you do not need to sell your rights for free publicity, and also, they will state a time frame after which rights will revert to the author. Please, moderators, take this down. I think it's okay for true members to post links to contests they've found in their usual lists and on the net, and I even agree that those links are "author beware" and no one's responsible for a submission gone wrong where someone doesn't read the fine print, but it's insulting when people make profiles just to post bullshit like this.


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To all of our members here in Mythic Scribes:

We allow Writing Contests to be advertised in this Forum, since that's one of its legitimate purposes. However, the various contests have their own rules since they belong to other sites and it's up to you, and you alone, to decide whether you want to participate in one or not by means of using your own judgement.

Please keep in mind the Disclaimer that we have as part of How to use the Notice Board:

The fact that a site, event, contest or market is shared in this forum does not constitute an endorsement by Mythic Scribes. We cannot guarantee that everything shared here is as it appears, so please exercise your best judgement.

Thank you.