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Turning a Fantasy Novel into an Educational Game


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Hi all,

In 2021, I published an educational fantasy novel called The Nestomir to inspire people to learn more about software engineering. The book, about a troubled teen named Jake who meets a coding-obsessed alien warrior named Dendro, aimed to show how transforming our approach to learning can have a major impact on our lives. After self-publishing and selling 150 copies, I wanted to expand its reach and impact.

To build on the book’s learning themes, I created UpskillHero, a networking and location-based puzzle-playing game. Players solve both fun and science-oriented puzzles with others nearby, highlighting users’ passions and thinking styles. The embedded AI uses these interactions to provide personalized Learning Tales—short stories designed to introduce people to new topics that could boost their career success.

The app also weaves in key characters from The Nestomir, who interact with users and offer learning guidance in conversations. Each character has a different perspective and personality, encouraging users to think about learning new skills in diverse ways. It’s very cool to see how the AI incorporates my writing themes into each character’s “voice.”

I am looking for beta testers and thought users from this forum might be interested. It’s not easy to find testers. The app is available on iOS here.