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Demira: the Master of Waters

Discussion in 'Fantasy Art' started by Delem, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Delem

    Delem Acolyte

    Warm greetings to all!

    Let me introduce you with Demira, the Master of Waters:

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    "Demira smiled, casting a radiant glance at the stirring mirror-like surface of the endless Azure Sea. In anticipation of delight, the Master of Waters bit her lower mother-of-pearl coloured lip, forming into a half-moon shape. She began to increase her pace and lifted up her pearl gown as the approaching waves touched her bare legs. From snow-white foam, rising up from the very depths of the sea, silken whispers already escaped from invisible creatures, filling the air with a mysterious music. Interweaving melodies from sea voices that had never before sounded out on the coastal shores rang out louder and bolder amongst the crashing waves. The Master of Waters rolled her eyes slightly, waiting for the first chord of the sapphire symphony. Having waited for a pause, she rocked her head in time, throwing it back a little, raising her hands, and then rapidly beating them through the air, as if shaking invisible droplets from her fingers. That very second the mirror surface shook and the sea parted into walls of stormy water.
    “Where are you rushing?” rang out from behind.
    “Waters!” shouted Demira without turning around. “A guest will arrive at the Opal Chamber any minute and I must meet him on time!”
    “Ah, I see what is happening!” rumbled out from close by, the last words dispersing in the growing ora.
    “Yes, exactly that,” Demira cast her head to the left and approvingly nodded towards her native element, which danced in mischief to the sea extravaganza. “Let us start!”
    With a slight movement the Master of Waters pulled down her hood, adjusted her coral hairclip and broke into a run. And, it seemed, she wasn’t running, but flying, flashing her jet-black eyes, her gown playing in the wind, merging with the Azure Sea. Its waves imperceptibly altered to an ash-blue colour and filled with power, growling at each other like hungry creatures of the abyss. They rapidly changed their direction, creating whirlpools and high waves, breaking one against the other in a deafening roar of agitated elements.
    “It was all worth it for this spectacular performance,” Demira laughed, blinking from the blinding flashes. Suddenly the symphony went quiet and a mysterious pause arose above the Azure Sea. Counting the length of the silence in waves crashing to shore, the Master of Waters remembered when she had first heard the melody — at the very moment the world was conceived. She raised her arms upwards with a smile, having placed one palm in the other, jumping with the energy she had left, soaring heavenwards.
    Her hairclip could not withstand such a sharp movement and her hair lifted up like a silk cascade, having fired up in the reflection of the blinding rays from the rising sun.
    “I’m ready!” she cried to the whole Azure Sea in a returning melody. “Waters, I’m ready!”
    And the waters roared obediently in response — a turquoise wave formed right under Demira and it rose upwards and froze, shimmering its milky foam. She glanced down respectfully, stepping onto the crest of the wave, and then moved her gaze to the horizon.
    “Carry me! We have no time to waste!”
    And the wave shot amongst the prancing waves, speeding up and rising higher, or lowering down to the very surface, focusing on one thought only: not to fail the Master. And from this thought it proudly swooshed, gracefully dodging in between the other raging waves."

    This is an excerpt from my novel Saga of D'Elem, all comments are welcomed.
    Thank you!

    Let mystery come upon you,
  2. Steerpike

    Steerpike Felis amatus Moderator

    Hello, Delem. Excerpts like this belong in the Showcase forum, which is open to members having five or more posts. I appreciate your enthusiasm and encourage you to engage the community here and post your work for comment once you have the requisite number of posts.
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