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....by Veronica Roth- I'm recommending this one.

It is YA, so has a few of the pitfalls of that (the teen romance, the vague echo of "Hunger Games"), but I enjoyed it. The first five chapters are available for free on Kindle as part of one of the "Pitch Darkness" sets of samples. I paid for the rest, and I'm a big cheapskate, so that means it's good. ;)

Part of a trilogy. I'm gonna buy the others too.


Rick Riordan gave this book a pretty good review on his blog. If the Master of Myth and Mystery thinks its great that's more than enough to convince me to give it a read if I ever come across it. As for the comparison to the Hunger Games... eh, don't think that really matters. I'm betting that every dystopian novel will be compared to the Hunger Games, just like all YA fantasy books are compared to Harry Potter whether they actually have any similarities or not. It's kind of annoying, really, even if these were the books which redefined their genre.


I would be surprised if the author was not influenced by Hunger Games, but it was not to an annoying level. If a story tastes too much like HG or Twilight or Harry Potter, that irks me enough to put it down. I don't like reading the same story over and over with different character names.

I liked Hunger Games okay, but I enjoyed this story more than HG.


I saw this on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine, saying something to the effect of, "is this the next Hunger Games?"

If you tell me it's better, then I might read it. The Hunger Games was pretty good. Catching Fire was ok, and it was short enough to keep my attention. Mockingjay was a chore to finish. If Divergent is as good as the first HG and keeps it up, I think it can be worth it. I like some YA every now and then, especially since those books are more relevant to the kids I teach.