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Does anyone want to start an online writing group?

There are no writing groups around me so I was wondering if anyone wanted to start an online writing group. We can do all kinds of stuff. Read each others work for feedback, write short stories on topics we decided (kind of like a writing challenge.) Help with world building or ideas we are stuck on.

If anyone is interested please drop me a line.


Taking regular looks at what other people want opinions on probably won't be a big problem. But I already know I won't be able to contribute my own material on a regular basis. Probably would be very spotty at best.
That would be fine. You can do as little or as much as you want.

I you are interested shoot me a pm and we can try and work out some details.


I'm down! An online writing group would be perfect for my current schedule, and I've been longing to belong to a group again.


I'd be keen, if you are all still looking for more people. I'm struggling to find local groups who aren't strict literary or poetry. Plus working full time makes it hard to get to a lot of things. Keen to read what people have, feedback is king and I really need some on my scribblings.


I haven’t heard anything back since I last posted. Maybe we need to go rogue and create another writing group? Haha
Sorry all I have been gone for the past few months due to my dads medical issues I am still very much up for doing this. I have some doctors appointments to go to today and errands to run since it is payday. But I will be on a good deal Thursday and will start looking to set this up for those interested.

Thank you all for you interest :)
Thank you. yes it is much better now.

I want to start nailing down the details of how to do this over the next few days. if anyone has any ideas to put out feel free. I want this to be something all are happy with.


I guess that depends a bit on what you / people are wanting to get from it. Encouragement? Critiques? Walls to bounce things off? All of the above for me, haha.
I have been a part of groups in the past that have used Discord and Slack as ways of communicating. We shared documents via google docs. That seemed to work pretty well, as an idea. Were you thinking of moving to another platform, or setting something up through the forums here?
I was thinking of using Discord to keep in touch for those who have it.

Was kind of think of a Encouragement, Critiques, type thing and being able to bounce ideas off of each other and get help for those who are stuck or nbeed a little help. it would be fun to do maybe like short writing challenges or topics something like that as well.
Sounds like the fires are being lit again! =)
Who here has experience with managing groups, or projects?
Just making sure. Things like this have a way of fizzling out without some direction.
I would love to hear ideas from people on how to do this. I can take the lead Or if someone wants to take a leadership role who is experienced at this kind of thing I am fine with that as well. I want this to work for everyone involved.


I don't really have much experience running something like this, but I'm definitely keen to be a part of it. Discord works for me, I've used that before. Having a series of topic channels seemed to work pretty well. I was in one for Camp NaNoWriMo this year, and we had a series of channels (or whatever they are called haha) like "plot", "Character", "Excerpts", etc, and a general channel. It helped stop the writing questions getting lost in the general chat.

Having a goals section could be really helpful. That way we can support each other in working towards those goals (case and point, I'm supposed to be working on the re write of my current wip, yet here I am...).
Okay. lets get things started. For those of you who want to do this and have Discord pm me your user name. I will get in touch with you all over the next few days and we can talk on there as to how to go about doing this as it is easier on there.