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Empire: Country now available


Myth Weaver
Actually, it has been available since the middle of last month, I just had 'issues.' (Memo to self - keep better track of draft copies and make dang sure you've submitted the correct one when you hit the 'Publish' button.)


The war between demon ridden Traag and the Solarian Empire dragged on for decades. Solaria emerged victorious – barely. Two years later, the nation stands on the brink of chaos. Prime farmland goes to weeds. Bandits stalk the decaying highways. Even once wealthy noble families have become destitute. But some see opportunities amidst this turmoil.

Tia Samos is one such opportunist, touring the empire in search of commercial deals and a suitable highborn husband. Cosslet Barony is the fourth place she’s visited. She’s not impressed. The barony is impoverished. The aristocracy is consumed by old feuds. And a murderous monster is rampaging through the countryside. Her staff isn’t much help.

Her maid Rebecca pulls a vanishing act

Her hired protector, Sir Peter Cortez, has blood soaked past, a crush on her dead sister, a blood relation to her current marriage prospect, and no place in the new empire.

Her oafish carriage driver Kyle possesses a knack for magic - and a headful of nightmares.

Together, they find secrets, opportunities…and sheer terror.

Amazon.com: Empire: Country eBook : Goff, Tim: Books

I expect to release Book II of the Empire series, 'Empire: Capital' July 15th, followed by Book III, 'Empire: Estate,' come September 15th, with 'Empire: Metropolis' hitting the market in mid November.