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EMPIRE: METROPOLIS, book four of the EMPIRE series released


Myth Weaver
As of yesterday, November 15th. Got nine preorders, which tells me my teeny-tiny fan club is still out there.


'Empire: Metropolis' is a direct continuation of 'Empire: Estate.' Corber Port is the largest metropolis and commercial center of the Solarian Empire. It is also in turmoil after being struck by an earthquake and fire that reduced a fifth of the city to charred rubble.

Tia is held captive in the midst of this urban wasteland by demons masquerading as men. Tia's former companions scour the city searching for her - only to be beset by one roadblock after another.

Worse, dark forces conspire to unleash yet another catastrophe on Corber Port - and Tia's captors might be the only ones who can stop it...if they choose to do so.



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