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Five Man Band Concept

Adiam Gaunt

(These characters come from the player characters I'm DMing for in my current campaign of Dungeons and Dragons, and I just like they would be fun characters to write about. The group concept is based around the personal advisors of a young noble as she learns to inherit her duchy. Yes, like that Final Fantasy game, but I hadn't heard about it then. Let me know what you think. The characters are a Human Gunslinger, a Half-Orc Echo Knight, a Human Life Cleric, a Tieifling Mutant Blood Hunter and a Human Order of Scribes Wizard.)

Vivian de la Pont is due to inherit the Duchy of Magoviste when her mother passes the throne to her. Until that dreadful day, she spends her time experimenting with electric coils and black powder in the castle's laboratory, occasionally sneaking out with her fellow conspirators to the large, dark woods and test her creations on the monsters that lurked in it. With firearms and arching bolts of energy, her inventions promise a new age just around the corner. Although the weapon that winds up saving her hide more often than not is held in the hands of Karla. Though able to put on a mask of strength, snark and confidence, she often questions her own self-worthiness, insisting to her mother that her younger sister Diana was the one with the strength to inherit the Duchy. But until then, she helps the people of her home in her own way. With the help of a few close advisors, of course.

Karla is a fresh graduate from the Capital's Academy of Battle, coming from a distinguished family of high-ranking members of the Legion. Her childhood spent in physical conditioning drills, adolescence in the training of every known marital weapon, and young adulthood with military strategy, history and tactics, along with a kind of training only permitted to less than 5% of the average graduating class; Echo fighting. Armed with a glaive and command over a deadly shadow, she is Vivian's armored sentinel. Stern but caring, serious but forgiving, not to mention loyal to a fault, Karla readies for the day to lead and protect the citizens of the Empire. Whenever Vivian lands in trouble, Karla's usually the one to pull her out. Hard.

Then there's Isaac Giovani, childhood friend of Vivian and another young graduate from a different type of school entirely; The Concert of Myriad Voices. His collection of esoteric lore and arcane knowledge is rivaled only by his love of folktales and legends. When combined with his love of alchemical experimentation and his status as one of Vivian's few long-time confidants, he became the obvious candidate for her future Court Mage. Assisted by the spirit of a former Grandmaster of the Concert residing inside of a rune-carved skull which Isaac also uses as a magical focus. Studious, excitable, prone to long-winded and impassioned recounting of history, connection of facts and magical theory, Isaac keeps himself grounded by helping out Vivian with whatever scheme she cooks up.

The next is also a graduate from the Concert is Nephi Alighieri, top of their class in a different field of expertise entirely; espionage and the protection against threats of a more ethereal nature, rather than Karla's physical. Elegant with a dueling saber, armed with a firm understanding of blood magic and an inherited connection to agents in the criminals underworld, Nephi has proven to be an extremely useful ally in the group's excursions to the strange and shady pieces of the Duchy they explore. They are a dryly sarcastic and darkly humorous, a sardonic wit ready and willing to pull their friends out of harm's way with minimal deprecating comments. Most of the time.

Rowan was, up until a few weeks ago, a simple young preacher of Vestia traveling around the countryside with his congregation, healing the wounded and curing the sick. When a young noble girl was recovered from a bandit ambush in a nearby village, Rowan was the one responsible for bringing her back to health and safety and protecting her from the following attack to kidnap her. It was only when the Ducal Guard arrived that he realized he had saved the life of the Duchess's youngest daughter, Diana. Now he acts as a close confidant and spiritual advisor to Vivian, guiding her in matters of faith, while also restoring ailments and injuries of body and mind.


Myth Weaver
My 'Empire' series has it's roots in a similiar concept, though the characters do not view themselves as adventurers. The tale begins a couple years after the conclusion of the devastating Traag War. The Solarian Empire - the characters home nation - won, but it was very much a hollow victory.

Tia is an attractive young lady from the 'Equis' or 'upper middle class' of the Empire, educated at the University in Solace. Her family desires to attain noble status, and towards that end gave Tia a list of prospective noble born - and mostly flat broke noble candidates. She was forced to seek out new servants when her old ones eloped.

Sir Peter Cortez, a good lookling bastard born knight and hero of the Traag War, is Tia's bodyguard, a task he takes very seriously. His brother Ian is on Tia's list of prospective husbands. Peter is only too well aware his fighting days are numbered, and seeks another career.

Rebecca is Tia's personal maid and minstrel, one of the few survivors of a decimated gypsy clan. For better or worse, she has attached her fortune to Tia, figuring that a cushy spot a noble ladies made servant beats starving in a ditch.

Kyle is a large fellow of peasant stock with an ugly scar bisecting his face. He was drafted into the legions during the Traag War and eventually trained in magic. The war had a devastating effect on Kyle, afflicting him with what we'd call post traumatic stress disorder. Tia recruited him to act as her carriage driver, personal sorcerer, and backup bodyguard.