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Greetings everybody


Hello to you all.
I am Dankolisic, 33 yrs old, and I have been writing stories and unpublished amateur novels about this fantasy world since high school, always changing it and writing new plot but somewhat having the same characters (names preferably). So currently I am in the middle of writing a new novel, with a new theme and a new plot in the same/different realm. The photo is a world map( not the whole world, just the first book), apologies cos the name are on croatian. The genre of the book is fantasy/mystery.
The summary of the book is:
Six young clan descendants embark on a journey to discover a terrifying mystery about their land.
I hope that I will be successful in finishing the novel one day, and then making it accessible everywhere, even in english.
For now, I like to discuss various fantasy themes regarding worldbuilding, character situations and development.
Any questions I can answer :)