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Greetings Fellow Explorers!

BJ Swabb

Greetings my fellow explorers! My name is BJ Swabb. I am a new author in the world of fantasy and I thought I would share with you my journey on a such amazing ride. I know I have been here for a while, but I never actually said hello. So Hello!

The first things you should know is that I have always been interested in writing and using my imagination. Everyone has imagination no matter what age you are. Imagination is a huge part of who I am and placing what I experience and what I come up with is an honor all in itself. I am a transgender MtF who has two girls of my own and I work as an actress, vocal coach, and a gymnastics instructor.

My first big project of writing happened back in 2017 where I and another author designed several works in which actually never went anywhere. It was unfortunate on what happened between both of us, and though I have regrets on what happened with us, as my partner I worked with was a great guy, and a great person to work with I am happy to say I have learned from it and is making things better for the future. With this said, my old partner taught me lots in how to create such great work with outlines, character design, world building, publication and so much more. I take it all to heart and I actually hope he is doing well.

After a long while of regret and thought, I moved on to enjoying great fantasy literature like Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth Book Collection, J.R. Rowling’s Harry Potter, and Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle in which all gave me great love for the genre and world of reading. This has change my heart of how I wanted to pursue in writing and become an author. Though I was in somewhat of a fantasy stage writing about superheroes in 2017, this is a whole other field in which lets me explore deeper and create more possible things than the world of superheroes.

With this said, I started writing out my outlines, character descriptions, and creating a world on which inspired me to write. A world of magic, mythical creatures, and adventure. I am now please to say that I have created a world of great imagination in which is now my love. Granderhill is not like any other that I have written. It is a whole new chapter and I am very please to say I am very happy with what I have come up with.

Now you may wonder what is Granderhill about? What makes it unique and fun to write? Well let me first by telling you that I have made this into one epic adventure in which you will learn many of the thousands of mythical beasts and races known in the world. It will also bring you on a journey of emotion, tragic events in which no one would want to experience, and it is just a book full of loving and likable characters in which you just want to know more about.

Granderhill starts out with the great Autumn Ball in which happens once a year where the White Council of the great treaty of old comes together to show loyalty and peace to the King of Granderhill. On this night the female protagonist of my story witnesses an event that changes Granderhill forever. Only being at the age of fifteen, young Evelyn is forced to be placed into a sleeping spell until the one true heir of Granderhill becomes a man. After five hundred so years Evelyn wakes up in the year 2023 where she finds her instructions from her teacher Dorlius to find the heir, bring him to Granderhill, make him king and help him take back the realm.
With this said Evelyn does find the heir who is fourteen year old Damien Foxx the male protagonist of the series, and brings him from Earth to Granderhill where he learns of what happened there. Convinced the young teen decides to take on the mission on bringing together the clans and tribes of the old White Council, and try to bring the great prophecy forth in order to save the realm. As the series goes on Damien, Evelyn and a few others soon find their roles in the great journey which brings out great emotions, tragic events, and the unwrapping of the great prophecy. Every chapter is a new adventure for the fellowship, and the readers will want more as they flip through and read each volume.

Well that is what I got for today. A brief talk on what I am working on. Hopefully it is intriguing enough for you to continue to follow me and my journey and want to know more about the world of Granderhill. Each week I will place up a blog on the world, characters, or updated information on the series. So keep in touch!