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Greetings fellow storytellers

Mara Powers

New Member
I stumbled across this forum in a web search and really enjoyed the knowledge being slung around. I've been writing epic fantasy for a while now, all set in Atlantis. I look forward to getting to know you all. Www.shadowsofatlantis.com

Mara P.
Hello Mara and welcome to the Scribes site! I hope you'll find this an inspiring and creative place to dabble and visit. :) Your site looks lovely and it's so nice to read about another author who came through a sometimes difficult childhood with their creativity and imagination, not only intact, but vital to who they are today. Wishing you great success in all that you pursue.

PS, LOVE the glossary and the map of your world!

Mara Powers

New Member
Oh hey! Thanks for checking it out and for the nice warm welcome. I look forward to learning more from the bright bunch

S J Lee

slap up a sample. finished book or unfinished, no worries...give us 2000 words and we will give you our thoughts!