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Hello world


Hello there, I hope you are all doing okay here. Here’s my quick introduction as a new member of this forum.

I’m Muun, 23 years old. I am a mainly a visual artist but I write since I am like 10 or something. I love drawing, painting, sewing and a lot of other things. My life is really chaotic since I’ve been a teenager and I am now handicapped and living on social revenues. I’m French by the way so I am really sorry if words don’t add up in my messages.

I have a lot of projects not necessarily fantasy related but I want to work on one particular project you may be able to help me. It includes a lot of worldbuilding and I really need people to guide me.

Anyway, I hope I’ll meet wonderful people here with the same interests as mine.
Thank you for reading, I am very glad to have found this website!