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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by meylaran, May 16, 2011.

  1. meylaran

    meylaran Acolyte

    Wanted to introduce myself to the group! My name is Lela, 37, live in Louisiana, married, one child, who has autism...I work full-time as an Internal Quality Auditor, I started school again this year, I write for a local publication about living with autism and also write fantasy books. I have one complete manuscript, working on a new one and have several others in the old memory banks for later retrieval! I am excited to have found this community and look forward to getting to know you all!
  2. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    Welcome Lela!

    We're glad to have you among us. You mentioned that you have started back to school. What are you studying?

    We'll look forward to hearing more from you, and perhaps you can tell us about your completed manuscript.
  3. Aqua Buddha

    Aqua Buddha Scribe

    Welcome to Mythic Scribes!
  4. Welcome to the forums >^.^<
  5. meylaran

    meylaran Acolyte

    Thank you all for the welcome! I went back to school for my bachelor's in English. I currently work for a manufacturing company that will be closing it's doors because the product is being pulled to be built in Mexico. So, after 15 years, I'm moving into strange waters! But, it's exciting, as well. One door closes, another opens...and all that...lol.

    My completed manuscript is a story about a girl who's been on the streets for a while but finds out she is someone very special. She is the last of her kind in a world that is quickly spiraling into chaos (of course). She is half-dragon and as dragons had been chased from the world hundreds of years before, she is in high demand - with the goodly folk as well as the bad. She's the only one who can call the dragons back and bring balance to the world. That's kind of a quick overview... :)
  6. Dwarven Gold

    Dwarven Gold Minstrel

    Hey there Lela,

    I like the sound of your story. I'd read it. But does it have any heroic dwarves? ;)

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