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Help ACT Score

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by AlexanderKira, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. AlexanderKira

    AlexanderKira Minstrel

    Hello all, thank you for clicking on my thread. I have a few questions. I recently took my ACT, and I made a composite score of 22. Which isn't too bad, I think. Is that good? I made a 23 in English, when the average is 18. A 16 in Math where the average is 22, a 20 in Science when the average is 24, and a 27 in Reading, when the average is a 21.

    Obviously my strengths are in Reading and English, my GPA is a 2.9. My family isn't very wealthy, not at all actually. See I'm going to share something that's pretty personal, my father killed himself in 2007, I am a junior in High School now. The only way we make money is we get money in the mail because he died, and my mother has no job. So obviously it's out of the question that we can afford college, is that a for sure financial aid?

    Thanks for all the help, it's been bothering me.
  2. T.Allen.Smith

    T.Allen.Smith Staff Moderator

    I can't answer specifics on whether or not you will qualify for the type of fanatical aid you require. What I can tell you (although this information is somewhat dated) is that you should easily qualify for student loans and certain grants (like the Pell Grant). If you're accepted into university, there are ways to get it done.

    A few things to consider... If I were you, I'd really buckle down on my studies. Showing an improvement in the final year's marks may well be a determining factor on the level of institution that accepts you. A GPA of 2.9 is a bit iffy for a really good school. Get on the Dean's list. If you really want to go to a good school, now is the time to show the world your serious.

    Outside of the normal avenues of loans & grants, our military offers some outstanding educational incentives. I was in the Marines for 7 years. For my service, I received the GI Bill, which at the time, gave me $416/month during my years at college (after service). Now, I'll tell you, the Marines is no place for someone who just wants college money. In fact, it's certainly not the best option for tuition. The Army College Fund gives $50,000 for educational expenses for 2 years of service. Typically, I think this program is geared towards training soldiers in fields the Army needs (i.e. Medics). This avenue may not be right for you...just wanted to make you aware of it.

    Point is, you can get it done if you want to. Do you want to?
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  3. Meyer

    Meyer Minstrel

    I would not recommend the Marines unless you have a gung ho mentality. Every other branch would be better if you just want to go in for college money.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the Marines lost their tuition assistance to the sequestrian (sp?), but the other branches still provide it.
  4. T.Allen.Smith

    T.Allen.Smith Staff Moderator

    If they did lose tuition assistance to the sequester, it will be short-lived. It's illogical though, that the smallest service branch would lose funding where the others, which are 10X the size of the Marine Corps, would remain funded. The Marine Corps rarely has more than 180,000 Marines in service during any year. In the grand scheme of funding programs, that's a pittance. Also, I believe educational grants and programs for Marines fall under the Department of the Navy & not as a separate entity.

    Either way, I agree the Marines require a different mindset. As stated in my original reply...that's not the place to go or tuition's sake alone.

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