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Hey everyone! Artist turned author looking to join in!


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Hey this is Renigada!

I work as an artist in the game industry, specializing in marketing and mobile game art.

I've also been writing off and on since middle school. Most recently, I've been self-publishing romance novels on Amazon for fun. I've promised myself after 3 finished romance novels, that I'd allow myself to jump back in to the genre that inspired me to write in the first place! Being 1 romance away and plotting out my first YA fantasy novel, I thought I'd join a community to get me excited for starting my next project.

I can't wait to start posting about my pre-production, character paintings, world maps, etc!


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Welcome, Renigada. It's a good group of people here, and at least some artists. Enjoy!
Awesome to hear! I hope you found everything here with the forum and scribes just as helpful as I have found them to be!