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Hey everyone!


Hi all,
I've just joined as I'd read a few threads in the forums in the past and thought, why not just become a member?
A little about me:
Firstly, I've been a huge fan of history (mainly ancient and medieval) for almost as long as I can remember. My love for history was also the source of my interest in myth and legend which in turn got me into the classics of fantasy fiction, such as the Lord of the Rings.
Much like Tolkien, (and I suspect mostly everyone one this site) worldbuilding has become something of a past-time for me. I currently have a large project that I've been slowly working on for the last six or seven years, gradually adding and changing things as I continue to learn about the world we live in and its past.
I try to dabble a bit in conlanging to better flesh out the fantasy world I'm making, but I'm no linguist so apologies in advance! (ApaCisare is emperor in my conlang).
I do have a story in mind, set in the world I'm building, but the novel writing is not dependent on the world building and vice-versa.
I'm in no rush to complete either project (though preferably in my lifetime lol) I;m more of a hobbyist than an author.
Well that's all for now, far too long-winded an introduction I suspect!
I look forward to discussing world building with you all!


Myth Weaver
Hail and well met ApaCisare
Good to have you here
I've never tried my hand a serious ConLanging but I please Guilty to all charges relating to World-Building
Hope you enjoy Mythic Scribes and find it as supportive as much as I do


New Member
Hi ApaCisare, and welcome to the forum! Always nice to have more worldbuilding fans around.