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Hi, guys!

Cygnus X-1

New Member
New member here. I'm a writer/hack who loves reading and writing fantasy and horror. My favorite author is Stephen King and his Dark Tower series are my favorite books (although it did kinda feel like he was mailing it in there toward the end.)

As my user name indicates, I'm also a huge Rush fan!

Thanks for having me and I look forward to (virtually) meeting everyone and contributing to conversations.


Myth Weaver
Hail and well met Cygnus X-1
Good to have you here.
The older threads can be an interesting read.
I love The Shining. Well, love is probably too strong a word. I found it almost literally un-put-downable.
I have to admit I didn't get the Rush reference. I assumed it was 50s British Sci-Fi that I hadn't heard of [and if it isn't the name of a spacecraft, it should be, though a supermassive Blackhole is pretty cool].

Cygnus X-1

New Member
Thanks, Cuopofjoe! I loved The Shining too. I read it when I was about twelve and it creeped me out more than any book or movie ever has.