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High Fantasy Creatures/Races


I've been making an effort to develop a world that isn't "human-centric". Partly because I have always been fascinated by mythologies and folklores that deal with "other" beings, from deities to brownies. And partly because it seems to me something that is very rarely done.

I am also trying to develop my world and its peoples organically. Not just picking and choosing from among the common fantasy races, but considering what types of beings would naturally inhabit my world. My world is comprised of two distinct created realms (dimensions, for lack of a better term) that have collided and merged. Right now I have 3 distinct types of sentient beings, each of which there are several subgroups with varied characteristics.

The Telchines are from a realm with a very volatile, malleable nature and as such are themselves shapeshifters and have the natural ability to craft, shape, and change the world around them. Time also works in such a way for them that their bodies are essentially born anew each day though their spirits are eternal. Everything in their world is always new to them, everything in their world is clay for them to shape. (Inspired in part by the creatures of the same name in Greek mythology.)

The Kami (also Khamy, Kamae depending on where in the world you are) are humanoid beings indigenous to a world based on principles of Cosmic Order and the Kami are embodied Forms (that is, Platonic Forms) of all that exists naturally in the world. As such they are deeply involved in the day to day working of their world. They are powerful and immortal and are often called "gods" though this word has more of the connotations of the Japanese Shinto view of what a "god" is rather than a Western view. (Which is why, though the Kami are inspired by the gods of many world mythologies, their name is the Japanese word for "god".)

Humans (for lack of a better term, I may try to come up with something else at some point) are an unexpected product of the collision of the world of the Telchines and the world of the Kami. They have characteristics of both but they are mortal.

I have a very complex belief system about personhood in my world which is based on Egyptian religion but it's too long to go into here.


My setting is in a tidally locked world, one side is in perpetual light and the other in perpetual darkness
My races have evolved based on the land they live on, whether it is in the dayside, the twilight belt or the nightside.

Sundar: The sundar are the equivalent of humans with the exception that all of them have dark skin, ranging from olive to dark brown depending on the region. They live sunwards from the twilight.

Morndar: The morndar are a bit shorter than humans and slimmer, they have an eerly white skin, almost transluscent. They are known for being excellent hunters and having amazing eyesight. Most of them inhabit the forests of the twilight belt.

Evedar: The evedar are short, fat and hairy people, they must be considering the extreme colds they must endure. Evedar have acute hearing, but they are blind. Thend to live in medium sized communities underground.

Daymerr: Also known as sand trolls are sapient (but stupid) creatures that live far into the day, they are almost twice the size of a morndar and have a rugged, sand colored skin.

Nightmerr: Or frost giants are, like daymerr, sapient but dumb creatures. Nightmerr are probably taller than Daymerr but it's hard to know since no one has actually seen them as they live deep into de nightside.


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On my story i created the five divinities, they are the gods.
i didn't create a lot of mortal races but i have two already:
-the humans,they seek for power and have no special skill
-the sand drifters, they are creatures, their skin is black and looks like a stone. they don't have cities because they are nomads and walk around the desert of Caldralos.
i just started this story,so i have to do a lot of things. but all has a beginning
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I kept the standard elves and dwarves. I killed of the world of man and provided new looks to certain races. Gnomes are mind controlling badasses who are feared through out the realm. Goblins are noble savages who are brilliant battle tacticians. Dragons have been banished and no one knows why. Half elves are considered second class citizens. Female Dwarves are amazonian and run all dwarven politics by brute force.

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Humans, elves, dwarves, orcs are the one ones that take center stage in my work. Humans are pretty basic, but I work hard to create cultures and subcultures for the other races so that they don't just come off as humans with a different appearance.