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Holiday customs and traditions on Kepler Bb


I know that the humanoids on Kepler Bb have holiday customs and traditions. I haven't thought much about the holiday side of my story. I am considering weddings, pregnancy, and birthdays in this group.

These humanoids have a mostly underground civilization.

Anyway I was thinking that for birthdays all living relatives are invited and different things are done for different ages and from 5 years onwards gender is factored in. For children, friends are invited as well.

I don't know however what should be done for different ages.

For Weddings again all family relatives are invited as are friends that aren't children.

For pregnancy it is like a 9 month holiday for most humaniods but can last for up to 3.5 years since with multiple births there is a 3 month gap between births for the mother to recover and a single humanoid can have up to 12 babies in a pregnancy. However dodecuplets are very rare. In fact I think an exponential function is very good for describing how frequent each multiple birth is compared to singleton births


Of course it might not be at the rate that this graph shows. It might be faster or slower but the frequency goes down exponentially.

Living relatives stay with the pregnant humanoid and do things to help her and the baby/babies.

But what about holidays other than birthdays, weddings, and pregnancy?

Like what about their seasonal holidays?

I have an idea for Christmas(their version of it which I will probably name differently). My idea is that the 13 oldest humanoids come up out of the ground in a synchronized fashion and the youngest one of the 13 humanoids tells everybody to come out. Then the oldest humanoid says something like this:

"Hi everyone. I am glad that you all gathered here today. This very tree behind me is the oldest coniferous tree we could find. We found this tree alone in a deciduous forest years ago. We didn't know how it got there. Me and my 12 oldest friends took care of the tree until it was big enough that it could survive on its own. Every year on this day we decorated it. There is a whole coniferous forest that came from this very tree. The birds and other animals loved it and thanked us for decorating the tree. Some of the decorations were used to make nests during the spring."

Then the humanoids all decorate the tree and the 13 oldest humanoids lead them all to the coniferous forest. After that the 13 oldest humanoids leave to their homes. There are presents for all the humanoids in the coniferous forest. The humanoids leave with their presents through an exit tunnel. The presents are little trees, some coniferous and some deciduous. Each humanoid monitors the growth of their own tree by measuring from ground level to the top of the tree and by counting the branches. The ones with deciduous trees monitor the growth of their tree by the 2 previous ways(height and branches) as well as counting the number of leaves. In this way there will be a mixed forest surrounding the civilization in the years to come.

But what about all their other seasonal holidays?

Sorry if this post is too long.

I am not sure of what the other seasonal holidays should be


Forgive me for asking, but what role in your story/stories do you imagine that these holidays will have? If the answer is none, I would probably not spend to much energy on them.


Well they would have a big role for the children(most of them anyway) and that would be making the children happy. I mean if I get to a point in my story where the children are unhappy with just their birthday and their mom being pregnant because those are far apart or because they need a break from learning their superpowers before their birthday then this is when I would start referring to seasonal holidays in my story.


Forgive me if I'm pestering you with questions but from the sound of it, it sounds like they are only going to be mentioned in a passing then maybe just some basic overview like; they give each other a present to symbolize friendship or love would be enough, or friends and family gather together in a dinner to eat a special steak with traditional side dishes in the evening and with cattle inspired decoration.

If you've got some special scene that needs to be played out in a certain way then getting into more detail to ensure there is justification for the scene will of course be needed. And I'll be happy to help you out as much as I can.