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How can I mix those worlds?

I got a problem, folks! I wanna create a setting for my character. (I already got the basic plot.) But I no f*cking idea how I can mix both wishes, which I had. I mean, I wanna have a mix of Kiera Cass’s The Selection and George Orwell’s 1984. And of course, I can use summaries of both books. Even I got the idea of a lesbian princess—the prince’s sister—, who starts a small sex revolution with one of those girls. (Not the protagonist!) However, that wasn’t the topic. So, do you have any idea how can I mix those worlds together?


Myth Weaver
I've not read The Selection... that said:
I'd go for how the books make you feel. For me it was the unremitting griminess of 1984 that got me. Nothing felt clean and pure. Everything was grey and worn [out]; the people, their clothes, their reactions, their hopes [if they still have any]. Even their fears felt old and tired...
When there was colour it was a shock and looked out of place. It was meant to.
Build on what the stories make you feel.
And btw I think the best film of 1984 is Brazil by Terry Gilliam