how can the world community regulate the use of super powered creatures?

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    In this setting, humanity has evolved on a very different earth. Creatures roam the planet, with each species being capable of unique abilities. Powers range from breathing fire, shooting electricity, to releasing acid mist that melt skin. These creatures love to fight, and share the ability to metamorphose. As they continue to fight battles, they get stronger and change into more powerful versions of themselves, with their abilities becoming more destructive and numerous.

    Many of these creatures are dangerous and hostile. Humanity has managed to survive by taming these beasts and enslaving them. Technology has developed around these creatures in order to make use of them. A self contained unit has been designed to "capture" these creatures and transport them to an alternate dimension inside the unit. It is encoded with the user's DNA and enslaves the beast to the user's will, and allowing them to be used in modern day life.

    The super beasts are utilized in many ways, such as healing, free energy, war and defense, as well as other numerous applications. They are also used as pets and companions. This has led to an age of prosperity in the world. However, there is the potential for misuse. Many foolish owners take to the streets or gather in underground clubs for "beast battles" in which two beasts are made to fight one another. The collateral damage can cost millions of dollars, with innocent civilians sometimes getting hurt or killed in the crossfire. Some nefarious owners use these pets to assassinate their enemies and mafia style organizations use them to commit crimes.

    To make matters worse, there are nation's or groups who use these beasts for grand nefarious goals.
    An evil organization, dubbed "L.A.B (love and benevolence), routinely murders owners and steals their creatures, for the purpose of selling them to the highest bidder. There are unsubstantiated rumors that this organization is being run by an intelligent cat-like creature, who operates from the shadows to manipulate world events in its favor. Regardless of the truth, L.A.B. has become one of the most dangerous threats to world security, supplying rogue states with powerful beasts to use as weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). As a result, the world is engulfed in many wars, and lone wolf individuals use these beasts to further their agendas. The rise of this terrorist superpower has provoked a united response from the global community, with citizens demanding action from their governments.

    Nations across the globe have come together to establish treaties that regulate the use of these super beasts. The most powerful are restricted to force structures, such as police and military. The less powerful beasts will be treated like owning guns, with access restricted to certain members of the public with permits. These beasts are "neutered" so as to prevent them from reaching their evolved forms. Would these methods be enough to regulate the use of these animals and prevent rogue states from gaining power?
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    Hmmm.... well even requiring the equivalent of modern day gun licenses for them the beasts would be >much< more common than guns are due to a need for self defense if nothing else. You'll need a beast to protect yourself from wild beasts particularly in small towns the countryside. Imagine a farmer, maybe their herd of cow beasts are able to protect themselves but they'll need a beast to protect their crops from the giant crow beasts.

    Maybe look at it like guns in the wild west instead of in modern day?

    To make them easier to regulate maybe get rid of the pokeballs? Honestly they feel a bit on the nose to me and it would make it a lot harder to smuggle a giant doom dragon over the border if they weren't in a convenient carry package.
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    Gotta catch em all!
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    It does seem a little convenient to be able to catch them in what is, in effect, a mixture between a pokéball and a Ghostbusters trap.

    If you could trap these creatures in such a place, what would stop people from kidnapping other people with the same technology? If you have to use them to get a creature, then these traps would have to be freely available (licensed or otherwise).

    Would it not make more sense if they were microchipped or something, and it was that chip which allowed people to control them? Then the nefarious groups involved in stealing them would hack said chips, or blast them with EMP, or have their own specially bred creature that is small, nimble, and climbs on other creatures to tear the chips out and "free" them?
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