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Howdy y'all!


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Hello fellow scribes!
My name is Nick, I'm a 26 year old french Canadian stay at home dad that is a total geek and nerd. I enjoy a lot of fantasy related mediums and pass-times. Reading, although I starved myself of it for a few years, was always the medium that captured my imagination and wonder the most.
I lived in rough circumstances and fantasy worlds have always been an escape for me. It feels weird even writing these words to total strangers, since it feels deeply personal.
Anyhow, one of my deepest and most unexplored goal has been to write my own fantasy novels. Create my own worlds and stories harnessing what I think is my greatest personal strength in my imagination. It feels like this itch of things I want to tell, but that I, for some unknown reason, wasn't letting myself fully experience, almost repressing it.
I have been on a journey recently of healing and reconnecting with myself, I take this project on today, and I hope to share with you all the progression of things as they go and be able to make meaningful connection through the opportunity for exchange this site provides.

Might we meet along the road, and if not good luck.
Welcome Highwave, jump on in.

I can certainly relate to writing fantasy as a therapeutic act - when there’s lots going on it can be an act of kindness to yourself to dive into a fantasy world and enjoy the freedom 🙂