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I'm thinking of starting a LitMag, but i need help working out the logistics.


I've been toying with the thought of making a literary magazine (most likely electronic due to cost), but I'm trying to figure out how much money it would take to run it.

I want to pay writers, starting with token payment but hoping to make it pro-payment.

The theme i want to go for is (best i can think of) Cross-Genre Western. Yes, this is probably a niche market. I would want to cover stuff like Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy, but with a Western flavor.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


I,ve been wanting to eventually start a virtual business as well but to some things you need to research is how much would it cost to create a website. A lot of the website builders offer reasonable rates to host your website. If you know someone/you can program html and all that would be beneficial if you want to create your own layouts.
Website builders offer drag and drop features but may not be to your liking, however you can start with what they have and as you get some revenue in then you can work on spiffing it up. If you are tight atm you can run the websites free but your website will be a sub-domain... 404 Not Found.
Once you feel like it is ready to roll out for people to come visit, You can advertise on face book, the rates are surprisingly cheap. think 20bucks can get 3k views...

Where in Florida do you live? I live north of Tampa


The things you'd have to research to see what it would cost to start-up would be:
1. domain
2. website construction
3. mail service (how would the magazine be sent out to subscribers)

Next would be the variables of operation:
1. how much to pay (would need to look at ones already out there and see what going rates are, as a start-up might need to pay more to get content at first)
2. how much to charge (again would need to see what is out there for competition and others and what they charge)
2a. if go free, would need to see what could bring in for ad revenue

Other things that would need to be considered:
1. publication cycle (monthly, bi-monthly)
2. "page" count
3. word count of submissions
4. anything else that gets added in for content (articles, artwork, etc..)

Good luck. Sci-Fi/supernatural western is something I would be interested in.