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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MamaMythos, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. MamaMythos

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    Hey there!
    My name is Mama Mythos. I recently started a new channel on YouTube based on the origins of the characters and symbols within your favorite video games, movies, and shows that were influenced by mythology, lore, dieties, and beliefs.
    I hope to get to know you guys and gain more knowledge and get inspired through discussion!
    A little bit about myself, I also breed geckos, I have a family and full time job, and I am pretty much an open book!

    I'll post my intro video here although it's not my best done video audio-wise I hope you guys enjoy this and the other videos on my channel! If not maybe eventually!

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  2. CupofJoe

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    Hail and well met MamaMythos
    Good to have you here.
    You're a Gecko breeder... That sound like an opening line for a plot...
    You're a Gecko breeder... When...
    Leap on in and enjoy.
    There is a lot to be dug out from the past posts if you have the odd hour [I mean day] to spare...
  3. Reaver

    Reaver Staff Moderator

    Welcome to Mythic Scribes! Thanks for joining our community. I checked out your Youtube page and subscribed. You've posted some very well made videos there and I'm looking forward to seeing what you post here as well.
  4. MamaMythos

    MamaMythos New Member

    Thanks so much! I appreciate your subscription and review ♡ My next video will hopefully be up by next Sunday. :)
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