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League of Legends

Discussion in 'Games' started by Scribble, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Scribble

    Scribble Archmage

    My son showed me this game, and I find it ridiculously addictive - stay away if you fear for your wordcount!

    League of Legends


    The game is a blend of RPG elements in a team-vs-team game that ends when one team's base is destroyed. The developers have cleverly combined some of the best elements of RPG, tower defense, and team fortress.

    You pick a champion from a wide selection, and you join in a team. There are tankish types, ranged, casters, hybrids, etc... As you gain mastery in the game, you can learn skills and spells to make your champion more unique. Skins can be unlocked as well.

    Each team spawns minions, initially weakish little fellows who go out seeking to destroy the enemy. You gain gold by slaying the enemy team minions, and even more gold by slaying opposing champions. You try to protect your turrets and destroy the enemy turrets.


    Teamwork is of the essence. If you go out and get yourself killed over and over, the enemy will grow stronger, making it very difficult to win the game. It pays to communicate, and there are a number of easy click controls to help with this: "needs assistance", "fall back", "be careful!", etc... There is also chat.

    Throughout the game you gain levels as you kill enemies. There is a "store" you can access at your home base, where you can power up by buying magical items and weapons. These affect your armor, health, damage, magic resist, etc... To start, you buy a basic item, and then you can "level it up" into more powerful items. You begin with a little gold, and the game will suggest you an item to select. There are a number of guides online for which items are "best" to buy for the different champions. If you've got some gaming experience, this should come clear. Some items have an active ability, which you can activate through the item slot shortcuts (123456)

    You get 4 abilities, which you also level up throughout the match. You execute these through the QWER buttons. For example, I have been playing Master Yi. He has an attack that quickly strikes 4 enemies (Q). He can meditate and regain health (W). He can enter wuju stance and do "true" damage that penetrates armor for a number of seconds (E) and he has an attach stance that accelerates his movement and damage against enemy champions (R).


    Beyond the in-game leveling, there are many ways to customize your champions through the unlocking of masteries and runes. You can prepare item sets for your champion so you can quickly power up in the game, planning out your game from levels 1 to 18.


    The character designs are high quality, and the game is extremely well balanced. My only critique are many of the scantily armored female character "profile" cards which are largely designed to cater to adolescent boys of all ages. This is something in the gaming industry overall I'd like to see addressed.

    I find this game highly addictive and a definite threat to my writing career.

    Cinematic Trailer

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  2. wordwalker

    wordwalker Auror

    I used to play it myself --when I was working for the company-- and as a writer who wants to keep my eyes on the storytelling, I'd say:

    take two Dragon Ages and call me in the morning.
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  3. Lycan999

    Lycan999 Minstrel

    Trust me when I say I know what you mean when you say that it is addicting. You just have to learn how to balance it, the same with anything that else that is addictive. I have actually got some inspiration from the game by reading the lore.
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