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Level 1 newbie. Never written before but i'd like to start!


Hi, my name is Vel, i go by any pronouns! and im obsessed with all things including historical fiction/fantasy, romance, drama, angst and magic. (also anime and video games). Im a HUGE sucker for bad endings. not the bad endings where you're so disappointed and feel like you wasted your time reading, but the bad endings with unexpected plot twists where it leaves you feeling like you experienced it yourself. The bad endings where you read the book again and feel amazed by how much foreshadowing and red flags you missed.

I love to read stories like that but i've never thought of writing it. I used to read fanfiction all the time on wattpad, quotev, tumblr, you name it. Im currently trying to write a fanfiction set in the late victorian era with 200 year old vampires, magic, demons, and more.
I came across this website when trying to get information on european currency in the 1600s. "The art of fantasy storytelling", how can i not join a website like this :) This seems like a cool place with cool people so i hope to learn how to write better and make many friends along the way. :)
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Ilona Rapp

Hello Vel! As you seem to enjoy everything I like to read... and you are already researching the kind of details that make historical fiction satisfing... I'd say you are off to a great start. Write what you love, and others will love what you write! Sounds like you are in the "write" place!
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Welcome to the Scribes site Vel! You'll find a wealth of information here, as well as a number of good souls to bounce your ideas, conundrums and unknowns off of. Jump on in whenever the inspiration hits and best of luck as you step on the path!
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Well met Vel. I saw your other post and thought I'd come here to formally meet you. *wave* I hope you feel welcome and safe here on the forum. :)
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