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License-Free Calligraphic Flourishes and Clipart?


Calligraphic Flourishes!

Per the title. Are there any sources that are your go-to for adding black and white calligraphic flourishes to your publications that are free to use commercially? I used to have a crapton of them, but they're all EPS format and require me opening CorelDraw to convert. However, I'm willing to share what I have. If anyone has any clipart style ornaments/flourishes used in old-school looking printing, I'd love to hear some sites or sources.

Flourishes are small subtle details that add a bit of authenticity and flair to otherwise flat text. My ornaments (in EPS format) can be found here. Fair warning: There's a LOT of them, if this is the right file. If not, there's still going to be at least a couple dozen.

I'm lazy and either format using the free, automatic, online option from Draft2Digital, or Aticus, which is a paid writing/formatting software program. Both have enough options for me.