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Looking for critique partner

Discussion in 'Writing Groups' started by caters, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. caters

    caters Sage

    I have posted in other forums to get my work critiqued and I have always disagreed with them telling them why I have it this way instead of that way etc.

    The only critique partners I have are my mom and grandma and even with their great editing skills I still think it is a little biased towards me being a great writer.

    I have several stories that I think need critiqued before I write any more of it.

    One is my lion story called Pride Search. I have already had the first and second chapters of it critiqued but I have 3 other chapters that need critiqued as well.

    Then there is Cubik's World which is a story about twisty puzzles that concentrates on cubes. People have always thought that I should use something other than numbers for them since all I use is their size to address them in my dialogue.

    If you want to do a chapter by chapter critique of either one of these stories then either post here or PM me or both.
  2. Caged Maiden

    Caged Maiden Staff Article Team

    Best wishes on your search. I thought this article might help you to hone in on what you're looking for in a critique. As an avid critter, I find that sometimes communicating expectations is where things go wrong. Hope it helps, anyways!

    Critique | Mythic Scribes

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