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Looks around cautiously, then extends a hand.

Umm, hello? Only been writing for a couple of years, sound engineer (retired), both studio and live, possibly too science fiction based and not fantasy enough to fit in here (even my dragons would agree with me there).

Good at worldbuilding, getting a handle on characterisation (or perchance my characters are getting a handle on authorisation), can drive an idea over the event horizon into alternative universes, but not great at plotting. And, having spent the last forty years outside the English speaking zone, my language has taken a rather odd path. Unfortunately I have no intention of modifying this.

cons:- Pedant, grammarian, know it all, almost unpublished, drastically poor keyboard skills (I write everything longhand on paper. That way it gets a preliminary edit on being typed into the machine.

pros:- prose (as against poetry, though I'm a decent songsmith), extensive vocabulary (although that should possibly be classed under the "cons"), unusual way of looking at the world. Widely read and quite widely travelled.

Possible uses:- A wide range of technological detail; I've had a room in a mediaeval château, worked with a traditional blacksmith, learnt lots about things other than which mic to use on a kick drum. Grammar and punctuation I absorbed with my mother's milk. And you don't do forty-five years in the music business without absorbing some rhythm.

That's enough to be going on with. How do I upload my avatar? I'm not that good on these new-fangled computer thingies (in my days, they didn't have screens and keyboards (waves walking stick). Punch cards, from card punches and to dot matrix printers. Can't even see attachments on this…
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Hail and well met Chrispenycate

This is a great place to learn and share.
You will be amazed at what crops up here as topics.
Leap on in when you have half a mind.
[Punch cards - I have a wooden box full of them under my desk - Property of the War Department is stamped on the lid - may be I should give the box back...]


I do see an interesting twist your writing can have.
As long as you don't write about real english earth fantasy, your grasp of the english language might be as different as
British english and American English. Ie you might show a new jargon or speech pattern that gives your work a feel of actually being about another world, that speaks just a little different.

You speak well enough to get your point across so it might add some spice to your work.

Write what you know, live as much of what you write as you can. It will add realism to the work, imho.

Extensive vocabulary: can be a plus or minus, if all your doing is throwing out big words to show your knowledge then it is a negitive. If you can use them and make them fit in the work, it is a plus.
My thoughts on big words:

Big words should be taken in slowly, enjoyed, fully digested so they flow out easily,
Not gobbled up quickly to be coughed up like a hairball.
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Cupojoe: If you have used them in work, you have dated yourself. I used punch cards in school. This was back when computers memory was in k.


Myth Weaver
Cupojoe: If you have used them in work, you have dated yourself. I used punch cards in school. This was back when computers memory was in k.
I'm not that old... barely - I have used paper tape to run programmes on automated turret machine millers. It is just that I never thrown things away if I think they look beautiful and it is a lovely wooden box with very neat dovetailed joints and brass fittings. It seemed a shame to have it dumped just because now it was considered useless.