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Magic ability ideas?

Basically I have a fantasy world I created and I need more ideas for abilities. The premise, put simply, is about a world made up 8 different realms, each with different climate, governments, and cultures. Everyone in this world (with some exceptions) has one of twelve magical abilities. These abilities can be recognized by the color of the streaks in their hair (for example, people with plant powers have green streaks,) and as their power grows they get more streaks. Each realm has a god who does not have one of these abilities and instead has a unique set of abilities (they are also immortal.) There are also spirits, which is more of an umbrella term for those who are neither god nor human.
Anyways, each of the 12 abilities comes from one of the 8 (well 7) gods and is basically a weaker and more specific version of their power. And because practically everyone has one of these 12 abilities, I think I need more variation but I can't think of many abilities that will be able to work in this context.
For reference, the 12 abilities in order from rarest to least rare are: The ability to manipulate someone's emotions, the ability to enchant objects, telekinesis, the ability to destroy things (people or objects,) wind manipulation, water and ice manipulation, ability to talk to animals, healing, the ability to trick someone's senses (make them feel more tired or well rested, hungry or satiated, etc) but it is all mental, the ability to manipulate light, plant powers (communicate with and accelerate or control the growing process of plants,) and telekinesis except it just helps you craft stuff (actual telekinesis is really imprecise.)
I have a few ideas I am considering and by a few I mean three which are the ability to create illusions (I think it might be too similar to the tricking-someones-senses-ability,) manipulating dust and dirt, and controlling metal (It was originally an ability but I scrapped it for being too strong.)
So if anyone has any ideas for abilities that could work it this concept thanks.
The superpowers wiki is the go to place for a list of powers. It even gives examples of variations of a given power and provides a list of notable examples in fiction.