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Me and my dad have the same recurring dream!


Years ago when my dad was a kid and teanager, he would have this recurring dream that he could see jupiter getting close to earth and being huge in the sky! He said people where running around panicking and it was all dark like the planet was blocking the sun. He had this dream many times, and still occasionally today.

Now, I have a very similar recurring dream about seeing a huge planet in the sky and people screaming. I had no idea about my dad's dream until I told him about mine! So that's pretty weird and creepy.
Also, one time in the dream I saw my dad much younger and we where trying to find shelter from meteorites falling down from the planet.


Dreams are so mystifying. I have read a lot of jung and other books about altered states of consciousness -- Jung believed in a universal subconscious language of symbology. I myself when I was very young had recurring dreams of being in a labyrinth pursued by a minotaur. It wasn't until years later that I learned of the greek myth of the minotaur and labyrinth. I always wondered at the ancient greeks' knowledge of the planets - as well as that of other ancient civilizations. Maybe this dream of yours and your father is a reiteration of similar dreams had by many throughout history?