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Recurring characters in dreams


This is something I've been wondering:

I've recently needed to start taking sleep aides due to my circadian rhythm disorder. Since starting with these aides, I've found that not only are my dreams a lot more vivid but I also have had a much easier time remembering my dreams (or at least bits and pieces of them).

However, the strangest thing that has started happening is that there are completely fictitious characters, created by my subconscious apparently, who appear in multiple dreams - sometimes days or weeks apart.

I've heard of people having fictional characters or real people they've never met show-up in their dreams more than once but I've never heard of anyone who have had characters who only appear in their dreams show-up more than once.
So, I was wondering if anyone on this forum has had that happened to them?

I've told this story before but, that's never stopped me telling it again...

Before I got a Yes the first time, I went through a period of feeling this vague resentment towards a work colleague. It was very odd, as I'd always liked him, and then one morning I woke from what had actually been a serial dream in which my work colleague had had a book published, and I'd been reading it, over several months. I'd actually been vaguely jealous of my colleague in real life because of his dream book.

I also realised, in that waking moment, that I have a dream suburbia just slightly different from the real suburbia I grew in. What that meant was that so many of my memories were potentially dream rather than reality. It gave me the idea underpinning my most successful book.
That's not entirely atypical. My brain fabricates central casting "characters". Some of the physical details might change ever-so-slightly, but essentially the same people. I recognize recurring faces, too. Not anybody I know very well in person. Just, generic and randomly generated by my brain. Sometimes I'll get a celebrity. Or, a slightly altered celebrity. There's a woman I see often that looks a lot like Eva Green but is just slightly off. It's like my brain is afraid of copyright and likeness infringement?

As for dealing with circadian problems, I hope you're feeling much better soon.