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Text that you've read in dreams?

They say that some people can't read in dreams. Can't relate. Last night I dreamt that I saw a nonexistent Protestant Bible translation, with lines so severely garbled, like a Google Translate twelve-way round robin, that I couldn't tell what the originals were meant to be. I saw bullet points of quotes from it; things like “pray to the Jewish computer god” and something about female photographers.
What have you read in a dream?


Myth Weaver
Occasionally book titles. Usually, I get the 'sense' of what the text is about without actually reading it, which prompted a few 'oh, wow!' moments.

Standout here is the rare dream that takes place in a huge library, the vast majority of the books being biographies in light blue or green binders. Annoyingly, entire aisles - sections - are 'gated off' and not accessible. Once or twice I got in trouble with the librarians by reading over peoples shoulders - partly grasping a small section of a text.


I can read in my dreams, but it changes the second time I read it.

I talked about this on here before, but the Army gave me a pretty stout and consistent dose of mefloquine a few wars ago, an anti-malarial which attacks the brain fairly aggressively and causes permanent damage. The upshot of this is that I now have dreams so completely real and so long (lasting for what feel like weeks, sometimes, only to wake up and find that twenty minutes have passed) that I could be having one right now. The only reason I know I'm not--and this is my reality check / "tell"--is that when I read something twice (which I just did, literally, to make sure), it's the same both times. So, I don't remember anything I read in my dreams, because I'm always re-reading anything I see to check where I am.

And yes, no shit, I go through life like this, all day, every day. Hundreds of thousands of vets do. Can you believe they still let us handle firearms?
When I was memorizing the first page or two of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in college, I distinctly remember reading that friggin’ thing in my sleep. In general, I’m too busy with weird shit to read (much like real life, only weirder). I know I’ve read signs and smaller chunks of text, but other than that, nothing really sticks out. While I can’t relate to Malik’s tale in whole, what little I’ve read doesn’t stay the same, not even Chaucer or signs. I was looking to find something once in some city, reading street signs, and they’d just change from one moment to the next. As you might guess, I never found my destination.


Oooh. I remember a dream I had where I was in middle school again and I had to read something in front of class. Lol. Everything was in another language.
Otherwise? No, I don't think I ever read anything in my dreams.
Oooh. I remember a dream I had where I was in middle school again and I had to read something in front of class. Lol. Everything was in another language.
Otherwise? No, I don't think I ever read anything in my dreams.
That reminds me of a minor-nightmare (it wasn't heart pounding but it was a bit of a fright) when I woke up and didn't know English, only Hebrew.


Apparently, you don't technically read in dreams. You just see random symbols and just kind of know what they are meant to say.

Last night, I had a dream where I read the name "Thomas Michael Faulus". I tried googling the name but, even though I knew how the name was supposed to be pronounce, I didn't know how to spell it despite reading it in the dream. I had to try googling multiple variations on the spelling.


Just signposts. I tried really hard to think of a dream in which I was reading something but I can't. I am usually either moving, observing, or lost. Those are most of the dreams I can remember. I've only actually been an active participant in a few dreams that I've had. I'm usually just seeing something.
I recently saw a certain reverb pedal that I won't name here in a dream, and it appears that I read the large name on the pedal, but none of the labels of the parameter knobs. Then again, given the angle that I was looking at it at, I wouldn't have anyway.


I can read in dreams but the sentences are often nonsensical and they change even as I read them. On occasion, I've also tried writing in dreams but it's excruciatingly hard for some reason.
Wouldn't it be great if we could read and write in a lucid dream though? I imagine we would have unrestricted access to our subconscious and produce some truly strange and original tales.
A friend and I talked about this the other day, so I started paying attention to reading in dreams.

I will read in dreams, and sentences can make sense, but it's typically more technical than creative, like directions or descriptions on a receipt. Whatever I'm able to read in a literary sense is surrounded by gibberish until I really focus on it, and then even when that piece becomes clear, it's poorly connected to what I read before... or it's pure genius I just don't understand, heh heh.


Myth Weaver
Yesterday, I thought about posting my usual, I almost never remember my dreams, and so I would not know....but... Strangely, I had a dream this morning where I had read something in it (though now I dont remember what it said :arghh:) . Anyway, clearly read it, and it made no sense. Not that the sentence did not make sense, but it did not make sense in the context of the dream. Like 'Dont forger to wash your hands' when there was no sink around. Anyway...it caused my brain to skip, and I went back to re-read it, and it seemed to change slightly...and in the process, I kind of woke up.