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Premises from Dreams

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by OberonLordofSylva, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. OberonLordofSylva

    OberonLordofSylva Troubadour

    So I don't remember very many of my dreams, which is a shame because I can come up with some cool stuff. I do keep a dream journal on Google Docs just in case I remember more than a single shot and today I just recorded my third entry! I want to share it and hear some thoughts as to whether or not it's something I could make a short story out of. I am tempted to cut the idea simply because I have another, more important book that has a similar premise but I dread it because I did that with another idea, Witches' Blend, because it was too similar to the sequel for a webcomic I have planned and that sequel is really important in the long-term. Anyways, here it is:
    The dream opens in a blue observatory. I'm not in the dream, instead our main characters are Jocelyn Joyce(I don't know if that's a celebrities name or not but she's an original character) and her brother Bensy(weird name for a teenage boy I know but stick with me, I don't like it either). After some shots of them, some kids, and their mentor(a standard Merlin type), they go to another world, ours. Jocelyn tries to repair her broken bike(with pin money, I distinctly remember pin money now. It doesn't work out for her) while Bensy helps the mentor take the kids on what appears to be a field trip. This is where it gets weird, our world is warping around the presence of Jocelyn and Bensy. It culminates in a scene taking place in a library where Bensy's mom gets possessed and tells Bensy that the mentor is evil and he believes that joy is a sin. The dream ends there.
  2. WooHooMan

    WooHooMan Auror

    I think this is a good idea. There's potential here for a good old-fashioned old school "kids fall into another world" kind of story. Sort of like an inverse Neverending Story. What I would recommend is having a main character who is native to our world to help give the main kids some grounding in our world. Then perhaps this real-world character is the one to get possessed by Bensy's mom who tells them the mentor is evil. That's a good act 2 twist. Then it can be about the main kids taking the other kids back to the fantasy world to prevent further distortion in our world.

    I've also been keeping a dream journal recently to write down some potential story ideas but so far, I haven't really gotten anything as useful as this.
    One I got a while ago involved talking pidgeons in robotic suits with telekinetic powers (which only effect red objects) feuding with goblins over property rights. It's also a musical.
    Then there was a weird journey dream involving haunted bathrooms, physical deformities appearing suddenly as if by a curse and video footage of roller coasters which reveals clues about the bathrooms and deformities. I'd describe the dream as kind of like Lovecraft meets Kevin Smith.
    The most recent dream I wrote down involved a police sketch artist being tasked with covertly sketching a goblin suspect at a seminar who mistakenly believes the sketch artist to be a caricaturist and tells the artist about his (the goblin's) work as a male prostitute and some of the seedy activities he's been involved in while the artist attempts to make two sketches at once (one for the cops and a caricature for the goblin) without the goblin catching on.

    So I plan to use all those for some stories. You work with what you're given, I guess.
  3. OberonLordofSylva

    OberonLordofSylva Troubadour

    You can take the premise for yourself if you want. I don't mind, mostly because I've already got something similar going on. Odds are you'll probably do a better job with it than I can.

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