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I keep having dreams about strange plants


The plants in my dreams are really weird!

First dream:

The trees and bushes in my yard have been replaced with tropical looking ones that I have no idea what they are. Its very strange as tropical plants don't grow within a thousand miles of where I live. Also instead of in neat rows they where all scattered across the yard.

Second dream:

I go take a walk to what is allegedly the locale forest preserve in my city. But its all weird mutant sunflowers! They had big leaves like sunflowers do, but none of them had flowers. Also they all grew very close together and it was pretty dark underneath them. They also all where about ten feet tall. For some reason there was a wooden observation tower in the middle of the path, and when I climbed up into it I could see the plants went for miles in ever direction! Also the path was really narrow, so the plants leaned over me as I walked.

Third dream:

The weird sunflowers are in my yard now, two or three of them and the grew ridiculously high! There where also some odd looking little blue birds in them.

Thats it.


I read the thread title as referring to 'strange planets'.

But strange plants are also cool, especially if you're writing fantasy.

You have an enviable subconscious! :)


I had a dream that cats were picking flowers, then they went chasing after centaurs. And nightmares about crabs, meaning they were plural.. They were everywhere, and crocodiles. I don’t think the dreams meant anything though, they were just the subconscious purring of a well oiled engine.
Make them into a story! I’ve had a few dreams that have turned into stories or seeds for story ideas.

Sunflowers are cool. They are meant to grow well over ten feet tall so they climb tall enough in prairie habitats. Also heliotropic 🌻right up until they are in full bloom they follow the sun.


Myth Weaver
Just going on the web and looking up dream meanings...

Dreaming of tropical plants is sign of abundance and adventure.

Dreaming of tall sunflowers, is a sign of feeling inadequate, or unappreciated.

Make of that what you will.