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Multiple POV story - Lack of female leads

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Yeah it is messed up. How is inserting your extrapolations based off your emotional state and being upset by the implications not messed up. That talks more about serious psychological trust issues than anything else. I get the impression i'm walking into a trap by responding to this.

thats not social conditioning thats... So does that mean if your friend doesn't call they don't like you or they are mad at you? Thats the logic being used, take a statment, extrapolate to have adverse affects on you and you are unappy with the implications.

I'll be honest sometimes I can't tell if your joking or not. Mythopoet didn't take Personal offense to it. you two did.

1st paragraph: It's what you, and many people who have responded to this thread (including me), did when we read the posts. Like it or not, we humans do not have a crystal-clear view of the world. Everything we take in is filtered through our own thoughts and sensations. We have emotional responses for a reason--because certain words and phrases will trigger that emotion.

2nd paragraph: Jesus, how on earth did you get that comparison? Do you even know what social conditioning is? The comparison you're using has nothing to do with social conditioning. It has more to do with codependency issues, which is a completely unrelated topic.

I brought up social conditioning because in a society like ours, women are under-represented in a lot of media. So it's a logical psychological response to think that "I don't think about female characters" means "female characters aren't interesting"--simply because that's the climate of the society you live in.

3rd paragraph: How do you interpret personal offense? Because calling another person's opinion "messed up" seems to fit the bill pretty nicely to me.
Not open for further replies.