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My new blog!


Well, I've decided to try doing a blog again (the first one was several years ago).

I hope to post at least once a week and share my progress (hopefully) in getting a story actually completed and self-published. I also want to share interesting articles about writing, nifty writing resources I come across, and cool websites, blogs, and books about writing. Hope you decide to check it out:

Kelly's Adventures in Writing - The ramblings of a wanna-be author.


Ayaka Di'rutia

Looks like a nice start :) Hopefully doing blog posts will help you build up your confidence and perseverance as a writer. I've enjoyed posting on my own website, kind of an online journal that others can read about my writing and other stuff.


Thanks! I think my main objective with the blog is accountability. I've been wanting to write something for years, but the only people who knew about it were my close relatives. I want to put myself out there and make goals that other people, not just me, know about. I'll feel embarrassed if I don't make progress. Otherwise, I'm just sitting here at my computer wishing and not doing anything. I'm not gettin' any younger ya know! :)


Kelly, your blog post could have been written by me about myself!

Procrastination - check
Perfectionism - check
Lack of clear goals and accountability - checkeroonie.

I did (past tense) blog about my writing, and that helped me get moving. It is curious how when faced with pouring our goofy guts out on a blank page that doing the dishes / reorganizing the closet / cleaning the gutters is suddenly so much more attractive. My kitchen has never been cleaner since I decided to write fiction.

Having something to report is a good incentive. I bookmarked your blog, so now you had better go write something :)


Thanks for sharing. The on-line resource section looks helpful. Looking forward to seeing you progressing from a 'wanna be author' to an author :)


Nice blog, I am now following and I've reblogged your helpful resources page. Blogging is great for getting your thoughts down and networking. I don't outline my novels much either. I know the beginning and the end and the middle gets there by itself (or not a couple of times!) although I do have folders of notes. I have tried to plan but everything I change it and if I force it to stick to something it doesn't want to be then it doesn't work.

I look forward to seeing your journey as a writer.